Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Does Your Company Have a Company Facebook Page Yet?

Got Company Facebook Fan Page Yet?

Everyone knows what Facebook is.
Your grandparents even have a Facebook page, chances are your customers have a Facebook page...well the customers YOU want do.
In terms of demographics, if a prospective customer has a Facebook page you know something about them, at a bare minimum you know they probably have a good job, probably are college educated, probably have a credit card
Do you really want to sell to people that do NOT have a credit card? What do you think your chances of making a profit would be if the customers you were attempting to attract did not have credit, or didn't have a job?
Not every industry can take full advantage of exposure to the vast Facebook community, the target market of certain types of stores for example deal in what political correctness terms the "disaffected", for example a local Latin market or a beer and wine store in the seedier side of the tracks... it's a safe bet their 'money customers" are not on Facebook. State highway contractors, for example get their work from Government bids, so being on Facebook doesn't make much sense for them.
There is however a reason for almost every company to have a company Facebook page...
Google is that reason.
Your personal Facebook account is blocked from Google's prying eyes, the contents of your personal Facebook page is protected, Google is not allowed to index its contents. Personal Facebook pages are visible ONLY to other Facebook members, and you can choose what parts of your Facebook site to share and what parts to share only with family members.
A Company FB page (also known as a Facebook Fan Page) ARE search-able by Google.
Having a Facebook Fan page means an EXTRA listing in Google's search results pages. Properly set up, you can end up with on entry in Google listings for your main website AND a second or even a third entry for your FB fan page Wall, your FB Fan page photos, and if you were slick enough to create a company blog in addition to your company website, a FB fan page is one of the most effective "blog delivery systems" you can use to promote your company blog. (but that's another article entirely)
David Bruce is Local Google Advertising Consultant, Expert and professional blogger with over 100 blogs.

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